Doctor’s Corner

The Western North Carolina region is known for its natural beauty and pleasant climate. Unfortunately plant pollens, microscopic mites, mold spores, fleas, and other common causes of pet allergies can be a problem for canines and felines residing here throughout the year. Facial itchyness, licking/chewing the feet, and scratching the underarms and lower abdomen are common signs of pollen allergy. Itchiness of the back half of the body, especially around the lower back and tail head areas, commonly results from flea allergy. Secondary skin infections often occur from the licking, chewing and scratching caused by the allergies, with redness, rashes, hair loss, and sores resulting. Just like with people, allergies can not be cured but they can be managed, and pets can experience much needed relief! We offer an extensive range of skin diagnostics including Allercept serum IGE allergy testing, skin surface cytologic evaluation, and bacterial/fungal cultures of skin lesions and unhealthy fur, as well as modern therapeutics, including the most advanced flea control products, and hypoallergenic/therapeutic diets.

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